Meet The Board

District Governor

Sean Nauss

Sean Nauss

School: Central Michigan University

Email: Snauss14@gmail.com

Why I Love CKI:I love CKI because it provides a way for students
to give back to the community that they are a part of
while having fun doing it.

What is your favorite service project: I enjoy working with my hands so my favorite service project would be BLIGHT. Blight is a way to help with beautification of dilapidated houses around the Detroit and Flint areas.

District Secretary

Caitlyn Theis


School: Oakland University

Year: Junior

Email: cltheis@oakland.edu

Why I Love CKI: I love how Circle K members all come
together to impact the world around them with their
determination and passion for community service.

Why I Love My Club: The drive and attitude of my
home club of Oakland University is amazing. They are
some of my greatest friends. Together I know we can
accomplish anything we put our minds to.

District Treasurer

Ben Strandskov


School: Central Michigan University

Year: Junior

Email: Stran1b@cmich.edu

Why I Love CKI: CKI is an amazing group of people
who have a passion to serve that is rare to find in a
group of college students. They love to help those
who need it but will also have fun at the same

Why I Love My Club: Central Mich. is such a tightknit
group of people, who not only plan out large
events for the club and the district to enjoy but are
also spontaneous enough to throw something together
in the matter of 10 minutes.

District Bulletin Editor

Kendra Taylor


School: Northwood University

Year: Sophomore

Email: taylork2@northwood.edu

Why I Love CKI: I love the feeling of helping people
while being with friends.

Why I Love My Club: Everyone is so nice and always
willing to help.

Lori Stillwell, District Administrator

Caitlyn Kienitz, District Assistant Administrator