Meet The Chairs

District Conference/Events Chair

Emily Williams


Email: williame@northwood.edu
What do you love about CKI?
I love the atmosphere and just how genuinely kind and compassionate the members are. We really are a great group of diverse, creative, and caring people, and I am honored and privileged to be able to share a club with these amazing people, and serve all our communities with them.
What is your favorite service project?
My favorite service project is working monthly for the Humane Society of Midland County and tending to their dogs and cats, helping them find homes and giving them some well-deserved TLC :)
District Service Chair
Sanaya Irani
IMG_5938 (2)
Email: ft1215@wayne.edu
What do you love about CKI?
My favorite part of Circle K is how extensive our Kiwanis family is and how tight knit Kiwanians are with Circle Kers. I also love how we all come from different walks of life: college students, younger kids, older working class, even adults and kids with special needs (AtKion Clubs :)) yet we all can bond over our passion for service! Kiwanis is making such a huge impact on the world and the lives of countless children and I am so proud to be a part of their work!
What is your favorite service project?
My favorite service project would have to be the Painting and Coffee event Cassandra organized for LovePit 2017. It was a workshop where volunteers paired up with special needs kids and helped them paint colorful flowers. I loved work with the kids, bringing out their creative sides and getting messy with the paint :) The coffee, hot chocolate and pastries were also super yummy!!

District Technology ChairJohn Deutschman


Email: deuts1jd@cmich.edu

Why do you love CKI:

Because I get to do great service
with lots of great people.

What is your favorite service project?

My favorite service project is Kids Against Hunger because you get to help so many hungry people in a short amount of time

District Kiwanis Family Relations Chair

Dakota Cook

Email: cook1dj@cmich.edu

District Membership Development Chair

Noah Stoffel


District Rules and Regulations Chair

Tristin Nguyen

Email: nguyen501@msu.edu