Meet The Chairs

District Conference/Events Chair

Emily Williams


Email: williame@northwood.edu

Emily, a senior at Northwood University,  is excited to serve in this position for the second year. She loves Circle K because of the pure love of helping other our members have– everyone comes from such different backgrounds and interests, but, we can all come together for the betterment of others. It’s a really unique part of our Kiwanis family. Fall Rally is clearly Emily’s favorite event because she is in charge of it and it combines all the best things– autumn, the outdoors, volunteering, and making new friends. What’s not to love?

Service Chair
Sanaya Irani
IMG_5938 (2)
Email: ft1215@wayne.edu
Sanaya is a senior at Wayne State University. She loves that she is able to combine her passions for service and making new friends though Circle K! Circle K has allowed her to travel across Michigan and serve different communities while learning about each community’s unique attributes. Sanaya also serves as president of her club.

Technology Chair

Darby Beckon


Email: beckonda@msu.edu

Darby is a sophomore at Michigan State who also serves as her club’s secretary. She thinks Circle K is great because everyone shares the same passion for service. She is especially fond of her home club because of how close-knit everyone is- they make the service more fun and meaningful. She is looking forward to district events and meeting new members! This is Darby’s 11th year in the Kiwanis Family!


Kiwanis Family Relations Chair

Drake Lambright


Email: drakelambright@gmail.com

Drake, who is also President of Oakland’s Circle K, has a large passion for the Kiwanis Family, so she is perfect for this position! Drake loves watching people grow as leaders through Circle K and she can’t wait to get to know the other clubs at our first District Event, Fall Rally.

Membership Development Chair

Michelle McClendon

Michelle Mclendon

Email: mcclenmi@mail.gvsu.edu

A junior at Grand Valley, Michelle, is looking forward to becoming more involved in Circle K as a whole this year. She is  excited to help new clubs grow and become powerhouses. She loves the sense of community associated with Circle K. The best friendships are formed when helping others! Her favorite district event is DCON. Three full days of service and fun- What could be better?!


 Rules and Regulations Chair

Andrew Zyrowski

andrew zyr

Email: zyrow1ac@cmich.edu

Andrew is a senior at Central Michigan University who loves the people in Circle K. He says without the people the service projects wouldn’t be as great and just meeting new people and making new friendships is what makes this organization so wonderful. He loves his home club because the Kiwanis and Faculty advisors continually show up to their meetings and interact with the club’s members. Andrew’s favorite District Event is Fall Rally because it is the first one and it is exciting to meet the new members and kick off the service year. Also, Andrew can put his foot behind his head-that would be a great trick to showcase at Fall Rally!


Club Building Chair

Justin Cadarette

justin cad

Email: jcadar@umich.edu

Justin is a sophomore at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. He loves Circle K because he makes new friends and does meaningful service! His favorite service project is tutoring children at the Ann Arbor District Library since it is great to help children with their homework and having a peaceful time at the library in between students. Justin loves traveling and has been to 17 different countries in 4 continents. He looks forward to serving as his club’s treasurer and our District Club Building Chair!