Meet the Presidents

Alec Shackelford


School: Ferris State University

Email:  shackea@ferris.edu

 Alec is a junior from Florida (many people find it bizarre that he would leave Florida to go to school in Michigan!) This year he is looking forward to creating more opportunities for service for his memebers at Ferris. He loves his club because of how accepting they are of everyone– they are open to all students who have a passion for service. Check out Alec’s work setting up and running their annual Haunted Fish Hatchery at the end of October! This is his favorite service project/fundraiser because it showcases the creativity of his members and it is rewarding because the money raised goes to buying local kids Christmas presents.
Jessica DeGrieck

ProfilePic (1)

School: Grand Valley State University

Email: degriecj@mail.gvsu.edu

Jessica loves being in Circle K because she is able to meet so many new people who are just as passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community as she is. She is particularly fond of working with Metro Health to help with their Kids Marathon. Jessica can’t wait to meet new members in the district this year!

Abbey Claes

Abbey Claes

School: Central Michigan University

Email: claes1ar@cmich.edu

 Abbey is a junior at Central who loves Circle K because she is able to provide service for people who need it the most and meet people from different schools around the state. Her favorite service project is Haunted Yard because it is fun to dress up, scare people, and have fun while volunteering! This year, Abbey is most looking forward to growing and developing her club with the help of board and the district.

Sam Liao

School: Michigan State University

Email: liaomaos@msu.edu

Anna Martinez


School: Northwood University

Email: martin13@northwood.edu

Anna is a junior at Northwood University who loves being president of Circle K because it isn’t another club, it’s a family… a family that doesn’t just love to serve, but lives to serve. One of the organizations she lives to serve is the SPCA because she loves dogs and being able to help them feel love. Anna is looking forward to hosting DCON this year!

Skylar Gleason

Skylar Gleason

School: University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

Email: skygleas@umich.edu

 Skylar, a senior, is looking forward to the challenge of being president this year. She knows it will be tough, but that it will be so rewarding. With members stemming from such a diversity of backgrounds that all share the goal of helping others, it will definitely be a rewarding experience! Skylar loves her club because it is like a family of intelligent, motivated, unique people that all have huge hearts. She is excited for Fall Rally because she loves escaping the city for a few days to hang out with awesome people and to do fun service. An interesting fact about Skylar is that she showed llamas and alpacas at fairs and llama shows for 9 years of her life!

Alison Carpenter

alison carp

School: Eastern Michigan University

Email: alisonrcarpenter@Gmail.com

Alison is a Junior at Eastern Michigan University. She loves being a part of Circle K because we are a big family, full of people you can depend on and always have a good laugh with. She loves being president of a club with such diverse members. Her board members have very different majors including history, math, aviation, supply chain, and arts management. Each member brings something different to the table which promotes diversity in membership. Alison looks forward to growing Eastern’s club, participating in more district events and studying abroad in Italy over winter break! An interesting fact about her is that she can make an origami crane/ball in under 2 minutes- we hope to see you do that at one of our district events, Alison!

Sanaya Irani
IMG_5938 (2)
School: Wayne State University
Email: ft1215@wayne.edu
Sanaya’s favorite thing about thing about Wayne State’s Circle K chapter is how incredibly tight knit they all are. They all wish each other on our birthdays and spend time together outside of club events. She truly believes that many of them have come to consider one another family. An interesting fact about Sanaya is that she is a Zoroastrian, a member of the world’s oldest monotheistic religion and smallest religious minority. To date, less than 200,000 Zoroastrians remain worldwide.

Drake Lambright


School: Oakland University

Email: drakelambright@gmail.com

A sophomore at Oakland University, Drake is excited to see her club grow and develop to its full potential this year. She loves her club because they can succeed and make a large impact even though they are small. Drake appreciates our organization because it can turn anybody into a selfless and passionate leader.

Hector Salazar-Zaragoza

School: Western Michigan University

Email: hector.m.salazarzaragoza@wmich.edu

Alejandra Quiroz


School: University of Michigan-Dearborn

Email: anquiroz@umich.edu

When asked what she loved about Circle K, this is how Alejandra responded:

“What I love about Circle K is that: Circle K is service. It’s hard not to sound cliché when talking about volunteering. But the truth is, every volunteering event is an eye opening and humbling experience. The people who we serve give back so much more than we could ever give them. We are not saviors or super heroes. We can’t change the whole world just at one volunteering event. We change the world, one day, one person at a time. We change the world by inspiring others to also help in our community.

Circle K is fellowship. When people serve together, you learn a lot about yourself and each other. You form bonds that last a lifetime.

Circle K is leadership. I believe that being a part of this organization helps us become better professionals, better team members, and overall better people. We push each other to be the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be.”

She hit the nail on the head with her explanation, incorporating ideas that everyone mentions when they are asked why they love Circle. We are lucky to have someone as passionate as Alejandra in the district!