Meet the Presidents

Paige Kramer


School: Ferris State University

Email: kramerp3@ferris.edu

What do you love about CKI?
CKI has become my family over the past three years. I love being able to do service in the community I grew up in with people who are as passionate as I am.
What is your favorite service project?
My favorite service project is the Barryton Area Mobile Food Pantry. I have been volunteering there for 5 years now and the people are always so grateful for the help and super welcoming. It is an amazing way to directly impact the community here and immediately see tangible effects.

Grand Valley State University President

Jessica DeGrieck

School: Grand Valley State University

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Email: degriecj@mail.gvsu.edu

What do you love about CKI?
I love being able to meet so many new people who are just as passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community as I am.
What is your favorite service project?
Working with Metro Health to help with their Kids Marathon

Andrew Zyrowski

President Zoobie-Doo

School: Central Michigan University

Email: zyrow1ac@cmich.edu

What do you love about CKI?
The people, while doing service projects and district events, the people make these events and projects even more better. Seeing people establish lasting friendships and relationships is by far one of the best things to see.
What is your favorite service project?
Food pantry

Michigan State University Presidant

Tristen Nguyen

School: Michigan State University

Email: nguyen501@msu.edu

Kristy Godley

Krispy the corn queen

School: Northwood University

Email: godleyk@northwood.edu

What do you love about CKI?
I love meeting people from all of the schools in the district. I can’t imagine what my college life would be like without all of them.
What is your favorite service project?
My favorite service project would be the Potter Park build for the 2016 summer board meeting. That was my first time talking to most of the district members, and we had a blast! I also just like to joke that I only build parks in Mt. Pleasant.

University of Michigan President

Jill Davidson


School: University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

Email: jilladav@umich.edu

What do you love about CKI?
I love that CKI allowed me to find my home in college. I’ve done some amazing service and met some of my absolute best friends. It’s also incredible to be a part of something even larger and in this network of so many college students around the world who are all dedicated to service, leadership, and friendship.
What is your favorite service project?
Back Door Food Pantry

Eastern Michigan University President

Walter Whitt


School: Eastern Michigan University

Year: Junior

Email: wwhitt@emich.edu

Why I Love CKI: Because it’s warm, friendly, and the member are always willing to lend a hand. Why I Love My Club: They are some of the coolest, quirkiest people around.

What is your favorite service project?
Kids Against Hunger

Wayne State University President

Sanaya Irani


School: Wayne State University

Year: Senior

Email: ft1215@wayne.edu
What do you love about CKI?
My favorite part of Circle K is how extensive our Kiwanis family is and how tight knit Kiwanians are with Circle Kers. I also love how we all come from different walks of life: college students, younger kids, older working class, even adults and kids with special needs (AtKion Clubs :)) yet we all can bond over our passion for service! Kiwanis is making such a huge impact on the world and the lives of countless children and I am so proud to be a part of their work!
What is your favorite service project?
My favorite service project would have to be the Painting and Coffee event Cassandra organized for LovePit 2017. It was a workshop where volunteers paired up with special needs kids and helped them paint colorful flowers. I loved work with the kids, bringing out their creative sides and getting messy with the paint :) The coffee, hot chocolate and pastries were also super yummy!!

Madonna University President

Sarah James


School: Madonna University

Email: sjames570@my.madonna.edu

What do you love about CKI?
CKI has furthered my love for volunteering and giving back to my surrounding communities. Nearly every week I dedicate my Saturday mornings to volunteering projects throughout Metro-Detroit, which has given myself a sense of pride for the community and leadership as club President. It has also broadened my networking skills and has given me a platform to promote the club and myself on a professional level. Not only does CKI benefit students while in College, but it prepares them for the professional world after graduation while emphasizing service and volunteering as being actions that any member of a community should partake in.
What is your favorite service project?
My favorite service project is volunteering with the Environmental Interpretive Center on the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s campus which aims to better the health of the Rouge River as well as working to rid the area of invasive species there, and near the Henry Ford Estate

Oakland University President

Emma Densmore


School: Oakland University

Year: Junior

Email: ebdensmore@oakland.edu

Why I Love CKI: I love giving back to my community and it is amazing that I get to make friends along with sharing the passion of service with them. CKI has given me so many wonderful opportunities to help make our world a better place. Joining CKI was one of the best decisions of my life!

Why I Love My Club: My club is always determined, motivated, passionate and hard working when it comes to helping others. They never let anyone or anything bring them down. We are always there for each other even when it’s a 3am group chat message. I am honored to be the president of such an amazing club along with so many beautiful people by my side. We all want the same thing…. to give back to our community as much as possible!

Western Michigan University President

Morgan Brown


School: Western Michigan University

Year: Sophmore

Email: morgan.e.brown@wmich.edu

Why I love Circle K: There’s nothing better than being part of a family that loves serving others.

Why I love my club: I love my club because they are very ambitious and hard working about growing our club and opportunities for service and fellowship.

University of Michigan – Dearborn President

Jonathan Gavia


School: University of Michigan – Dearborn

Year: Freshman

Email: jgavia@umich.edu

Why I love Circle K: Aside from the countless learning benefits, CKI can provide you with invaluable life experiences. I learned about leadership, service and fellowship. I fell not only in love with CKI but with humanity. Live to serve, love to serve.

Why I love my club: It goes without saying, the pleasure of an experience is shaped by those whom you share the experience. Our CKI club offers an immeasurable amount of experience, culture and diversity. I’m proud and honored to have met everyone I have and be given the ability to form unbreakable bonds of friendship through service and leadership.