Meet the Presidents

Lake Michigan College President

Quinten Hosbein


School: Lake Michigan College

Year: Sophomore

Email: quinten.hosbein@gmail.com

Why I Love CKI: Getting to volunteer with awesome people and meeting new people.

Why I Love My Club: They are energetic and passionate about CKI and service.

Ferris State University President

Megan Meerman


School: Ferris State University

Year: Junior

Email: meermam@ferris.edu

Why I Love CKI: All the opportunities to meet new people and try new things.

Why I Love My Club: The members are some of the craziest people you’ll meet on campus. In the best way.

Grand Valley State University President

Audrey Kahler


School: Grand Valley State University

Year: Senior

Email: Kahlera13@gmail.com

Why I Love CKI: I love CKI because It allows me to meet a ton of awesome new people and make new friends from around the state as well as volunteer and spend time with them.

Why I Love My Club: I love our club at GVSU because we have tons of amazing members that make meetings and service a great time for all.

Hillsdale College President

Hannah Nicholson


School: Hillsdale College

Year: Senior

Email: hnicholson@hillsdale.edu

Why I Love CKI: I love CKI because I enjoy helping others and making friends at the same time.

Why I Love My Club: I love my club because I’ve made my best friends in college through the Hillsdale club and gotten to know some amazing Kiwanians.

Central Michigan University President

Holly Flynn


School: Central Michigan University

Year: Junior

Email: Flynn1hm@cmich.edu

Why I Love CKI: I love CKI because it brings people together and allows us to make an impact as a group!

Why I Love My Club: CKI at CMU has a strong relationship within its members and with the Kiwanis family. Our club has a lot of fun together but also keeps focused in order to achieve our goals.

Michigan State University Presidant

Jessica But


School: Michigan State University

Year: Senior

Email: butjessi@msu.edu

Why I Love CKI: The service and the family you meet!

Why I Love My Club: We all love one another, look out for each other and dedicate ourselves to service!

Adrian College President

Mariah Kemeter


School: Adrian College

Year: Sophomore

Email: mkemeter19@adrian.edu

Why I Love CKI: I love Circle K for all of the wonderful people who share the passion to serve.

Why I Love My Club: I love Adrian Circle K because no matter how tough a task may seem, members show up with a positive attitude and a fierce determination.

Northwood University President

Emily Williams


School: Northwood University

Year: Sophomore

Email: williame@northwood.edu

Why I Love CKI: I love being able to do service with wonderful people and to help the community!

Why I Love My Club: I’ve met some of my best friends through my club and have learned so much about leadership through my home club!!

University of Michigan President

Kathleen Hurley


School: University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

Year: Senior Email: kchurley@umich.edu

Why I Love CKI: I love Circle K because it has given me the incredible opportunity to continue my involvement within the Kiwanis Family. I love how enthusiastic and passionate Circle K’ers are about service, leadership, and fellowship. Personally, I love Circle K because it has allowed me to sustain my passion for service throughout my time in college. It has allowed me to develop my leadership skills and give back to this club. Most of all, Circle K has given me some of my best friends. Being in Circle K has been an incredible opportunity.

Why I Love My Club: I love my club because its my home away from home on campus. I love walking into a room fully of friends that enjoy making the world a better place. It can be comforting to be surrounded by people who share similar values and enjoy volunteering. On the other hand, while we are united by service we all so many different things, which creates an amazing learning environment. I also love how connected my club is with the Kiwanis Family. As my club’s past K-Fam Chair, I love being able to be connected to so many different ages that all love service!

Concordia University President

Jordan Wesson


School: Concordia University—Ann Arbor

Year: Junior

Email: Jordan.wesson@cuaa.edu

Why I Love CKI: It gives me the opportunity to be a part of an amazing –K family!

Why I Love My Club: No matter how busy our schedules are we always make time for each other and our club.

Eastern Michigan University President

Walter Whitt


School: Eastern Michigan University

Year: Junior

Email: wwhitt@emich.edu

Why I Love CKI: Because it’s warm, friendly, and the member are always willing to lend a hand. Why I Love My Club: They are some of the coolest, quirkiest people around.

Wayne State University President

Taania Girgla


School: Wayne State University

Year: Senior

Email: fg7994@wayne.edu

Why I Love CKI: Because it is unlike any other organization in that it’s service is broad-based and is combined with social connections too.

Why I Love My Club: Because we are a group committed to providing service and care to the most needed initiatives in Detroit such as homelessness and hunger, blight, school initiatives etc.

Monroe Community College President

Shaylie Calvin


School: Monroe Community College

Year: Sophomore

Email: shaylie.calvin17@gmail.com

Why I Love CKI: I love all the great friends I’ve made and all the service opportunities it has.

Why I Love My Club: My members are a huge part of why I love my club. I also love giving back to my community and making a difference in the lives of those around me.

Madonna University President

Raya Lasiewski


School: Madonna University

Year: Sophomore

Email: Rlasiewski@my.madonna.edu

Why I Love CKI: Brings communities together to make a difference in this world.

Why I Love My Club: I really want to make a difference in the a world by fundraising to different foundations and doing community service.

Oakland University President

Emma Densmore


School: Oakland University

Year: Junior

Email: ebdensmore@oakland.edu

Why I Love CKI: I love giving back to my community and it is amazing that I get to make friends along with sharing the passion of service with them. CKI has given me so many wonderful opportunities to help make our world a better place. Joining CKI was one of the best decisions of my life!

Why I Love My Club: My club is always determined, motivated, passionate and hard working when it comes to helping others. They never let anyone or anything bring them down. We are always there for each other even when it’s a 3am group chat message. I am honored to be the president of such an amazing club along with so many beautiful people by my side. We all want the same thing…. to give back to our community as much as possible!

Western Michigan University President

Morgan Brown


School: Western Michigan University

Year: Sophmore

Email: morgan.e.brown@wmich.edu

Why I love Circle K: There’s nothing better than being part of a family that loves serving others.

Why I love my club: I love my club because they are very ambitious and hard working about growing our club and opportunities for service and fellowship.

University of Michigan – Dearborn President

Jonathan Gavia


School: University of Michigan – Dearborn

Year: Freshman

Email: jgavia@umich.edu

Why I love Circle K: Aside from the countless learning benefits, CKI can provide you with invaluable life experiences. I learned about leadership, service and fellowship. I fell not only in love with CKI but with humanity. Live to serve, love to serve.

Why I love my club: It goes without saying, the pleasure of an experience is shaped by those whom you share the experience. Our CKI club offers an immeasurable amount of experience, culture and diversity. I’m proud and honored to have met everyone I have and be given the ability to form unbreakable bonds of friendship through service and leadership.