MICKI Service Projects



This is a Facebook group was created by the Michigan District Service Committee to facilitate reflections during service projects for members in the district. Many clubs have reported in recent years that they sometimes struggle with members performing meaningful service and reflecting upon their experiences; this is aimed to help fix this. Here, members are encouraged to post which project they attended, what they learned from it, and even upload some pictures to promote it to other members!

There are some rules though:
1. Include which clubs participated, the location of the service project, and what service was performed.
2. In order for the reflection to occur, the following should also be included: how the activity helped the community and how you felt during the project.

3. Optional: You can also include any things you think should be changed when this project is done again.
4. Optional: Any pictures or videos of the project or a group photo is welcome!

Click Here to add your reflections.

We hope you enjoy this group!

The MICKI Service Committee