About Circle K

So what exactly is Circle K? That question cannot be answered with a brief answer. Most Circle K members will give a different answer based on what they do and how involved he or she is. Here is a list of a few commonly asked questions by people who are looking into Circle K.

Circle K is an international co-ed service organization that is sponsored by Kiwanis International. Circle K clubs focus on the three tenets of service, fellowship, and leadership.

What does Circle K do?

Circle K focuses on three aspects:

  1. Service: CK’ers perform service projects that address the needs of their campus and community. Project examples include: blood drives, serving food at a homeless shelter, bowling with mentally handicapped children, book drives, highway clean-ups, working with the Boys and Girls clubs, MS walk, teeter-totter marathons, walk-a-thons, etc.
  2. Leadership Development: Circle K also strives to develop the leadership skills of its members through leadership seminars, training conferences and active participation in the organization. Circle K is one of the few collegiate organizations that is student-run at all levels – club, district and international.
  3. Fellowship: Circle K’ers believe in having fun. Whether it’s club social like a movie night, ice skating, road rally, interclub or a district event like a dance, picnic, District Convention, or an International event like International Convention, Circle K members always have fun.
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