Tomorrow Fund

The Tomorrow Fund is an endowed fund for Circle K International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. This fund, utilizing the interest earned, helps CKI clubs and districts serve the world through grants for service opportunities. The fund is established through a portion of CKI member dues, direct donations, the donation of Carthage-Pullman Society memberships and the donation of Sapphire Circle honoraries.

Tomorrow Fund grants can help you take action. How? Identify projects your club would like to tackle on your campus or in your community. Then, apply for grant funds to support those service projects.

Grants by the Circle K International Board from the Tomorrow Fund must conform to the policies of Circle K International. Tomorrow Fund grants are granted only to CKI clubs and/or districts. The review committee may award up to, but not more than, the amount of interest earned off of the endowment available at the convening of the committee.

Clubs may request funding assistance from US$200 to US$2,000. The committee typically funds those clubs asking for a portion of the total cost of the project, and clubs that are working with other organizations to fund and complete the project.

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This Grant was introduced by Governor Jared Immel to utilize the resources that were gathered from staying under budget in previous fiscal years. This grant is used as a reimbursement of up to $200 (with a receipt provided) to help with funding of a service project or charitable fundraising project.

Grant Applications are due the Friday of Fall Rally at 11:59pm, the committee (appointed by the Governor) will review the applications on Saturday of Fall Rally, and the winner will be announced during the closing session of Fall Rally on Sunday.

Click the link attached to the header for an application and further details on the process. If there are any questions, please email Governor Jared Immel @

Good Luck!!

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